Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing

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Completed Marble Tile and Grout Cleaning, 3 step Polishing and Sealing for Urban Renaissance Property Company, LLC in Seattle. — at 1191 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101. Amazing results, great job Bill!

Marble Tile and Grout Cleaning, 3 step Polishing

The Allegro Apartments Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing Before and After

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Bill did a great job cleaning and sealing some pretty dirty tile and grout out at The Allegro Apartments in Seattle as you can see by the picture. Before cleaning on the left and after cleaning on the right. Great job Bill!

Before cleaning on the left and after cleaning on the right.

Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing

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Bill took a photo of a recently completed marble floor cleaning and polishing job in Newcaslte, WA.  He cleaned and polished the entry, foyer, hallway and kitchen and it turned out great as you can see from the picture. See more details on Sound Cleaning’s marble floor cleaning and sealing process at

Marble floor cleaning and polishing


Check out our Facebook page for references, testimonials, photos and more!

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There have been some updates at our Facebook page recently with many happy customers posting at our wall.  See survey results, references, testimonials, photos and more.

Here’s a recent post:
Happy Floor Stripping and Waxing Customer:
“My husband and I were very satisfied with the whole process. Our floors look beautiful and ARE MUCH EASIER TO MAINTAIN now.”
Mary N., Homeowner, Edmonds, WA
Great job Sorin!

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Sound Cleaning Assists in Food Safety Audit

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Sound Cleaning is happy to learn of the results of a recent AIB Food Safety Audit for an ongoing cleaning client.  The client earned high marks scoring 980 out of 1000.  Ratings reflect facility cleanliness and sanitation, proper use and labeling of chemicals as well as proper records of Material Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS).   The Area Manager expressed his thanks to Sound Cleaning:  “We scored 980 out of 1000.  Thanks for your support. The facility looked great.”

Sound Cleaning provides the client with ongong cleaning services, deep cleaning, floor waxing and carpet cleaning.

Excellent Survey Results From The 4 Seasons Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

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I wanted to share some excellent survey results we received after a Terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing at the 4 Seasons Hotel: 

1.        How satisfied were you with the level of communication?  Rating 1-10: 10
2.        How satisfied were you with scheduling and timeliness?  Rating 1-10: 10
3.       How satisfied were you with the appearance and professionalism of your Technician and equipment?  Rating 1-10: 10
4.       How satisfied were you with end result of the service?  Rating 1-10:  10
5.       How satisfied were you with the care of the facility?  Rating 1-10: 10
6.       Would you use our services again?  Yes!  
7.       Additional comments:   We are very pleased with the results and will definitely have you clean the floors again.

Thank you Summer with the 4 Seasons for letting us know about your experience with Sound Cleaning!

Amazing Before and After Results Cleaning Tile and Grout

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We love to brag about our Technicians and show their quality of work whenever we can. Bill completed a tile and grout cleaning and sealing job for a residential condominium community and took these before and after photos:

Here is a little about the process: First, we vacuum the floors removing all particles, dirt, debris, dust, etc. Next, we machine scrub the tile and grout with a scrubbing pad using Procyon tile and grout cleaner. Then, we extract soil using a hard surface steam cleaning tool up to 1000 psi to remove soiling from grout. Next, we polish the floor with 175 rpm floor machine with a polishing pad. Next, we apply sealer to the grout providing long lasting durability. Finally, we polish the floor again with 175 rpm floor machine with “Hoghair” polishing pad if needed. Drop us a line if you want to brighten up your ceramic, natural stone, porcelain or any kind of tile and grout.

Great job Bill!

Wood floor cleaning and polishing completed with great results for Mietzner Group

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We just completed a wood floor cleaning and polishing job for Aspen Meadows,  a property managed by Mietzner Group.  Someone had previously applied a mop and glow product and the result looked as if the floors were ruined.  Sound Cleaning Floor Technician, Bill Chalmers was able to machine scrub the floors to remove the mop and glow, wax, scuffs and marks.  Then the floors were buffed with a polishing pad and floor polisher to bring back the shine.  The results were excellent as you can see by the before and after photos. 

Nancy Brien with Mietzner Group had this to say:  “Our great wood floors looked filmy and unsightly. I wondered if they could ever look right again. After using Sound Cleaning for the cleaning and polishing process, they look so good now, they look new.”

Commercial Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning for Evergreen Treatment Services

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Chris just completed a commercial ultrasonic blind cleaning job for Evergreen Treatment Services in Seattle and the results were fantastic.  The ultrasonic cleaning process deep cleaned the slats, cords and even the strings.  Evergreen’s Support Services Manager was very pleased with results and the entire process.  The blinds were removed, taken offsite for ultrasonic cleaning, hand dried and hung to dry, returned and re-installed on-site.  The hand drying combined with the hang drying ensured that the blinds were brought back 100% dry.  We were even able to repair many of the blinds replacing some of the pull cord tassels and re-cording some of them.  Thank you to Chris for a job well done and we look fowrard to working more with Evergreen!  

See more at

Welcome to the new

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Sound Cleaning is excited to announce the launch of our new logo, video, blog and website! This was a big step for our company that was established in 2005 and we believe the new look and feel better represents our commitment to being the premier deep cleaning resource.  The new colors represent our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning while the navigation of the new site enables users to quickly find what they’re looking for.  Serving both commercial and residential clients, Sound Cleaning provides janitorial services, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, ultrasonic blind cleaning, window washing and more.  Feel free to click around the new site, check out our video on the home page, see testimonials, submit an estimate request and more!