Holiday Lighting Installation

Get professional holiday lighting installation services with Sound Cleaning.
Sound Cleaning works with homeowners for all of your holiday lighting installation needs.  We offer customized holiday lighting installation to homes large and small.  We Work with residential and commercial clients. 

Let Sound Cleaning Take Care of Your Christmas Lighting Installation
Reduce stress this Holiday season by letting us take the time and trouble off of your already busy schedule.  You can rest assured that we are licensed, bonded and insured and practice the utmost in safety standards when it comes to your property.  We’ll get the job done right with amazing results. 

How does the Holiday lighting installation process work?
We will work with you to come up with an action plan for your ideas and inspiration.  We will provide the lights and decorations and install them on at your home.  Finally, we will take everything down in January or on request.  And of course you get to keep all the lights and decorations!

Do you provide a green alternative for lighting? 
Yes, we provide LED lights consume around 20% of the energy and last twice as long as traditional incandescent lights.

How much does Holiday Lighting Installation cost?
Prices can vary based on the size and height of the job.  Call us at (425) 451-3337, click here for an online estimate form or email us at for a free customized estimate.